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March 16th our second location will open in Amsterdam-Osdorp, Osdorpplein 470 at Everybody Lifestyle Centers. You can register by phone 020 705 45 00 or with the online registration form.

Due to corona measures its not possible at the moment to plan appointments online.

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Our team consists of three experienced GP’s and three doctor’s assistents. We are also supported by a strong network of medical specialists in our medical center. We highly value personal attention. Opening hours – Telephone (also emergencies): 020 70 54 500 – Openings hours: monday till friday 8.00-17.00 – Blood tests monday till friday 8.00-12.00 (by appointment only) After 17.00 patients can contact the General practice center at the OLVG West, telephone: 088 00 30 600.