Our General Practice

Scheduling an appointment

Scheduling an appointment for a visit to the doctor is very easy. When registering, you are given access to the app of our practice. This allows you to quickly see open spots, so you can schedule a visit to your doctor digitally, when it suits you best. Of course you can also call us, from Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM at phone number: +31(0)20 70 54 500.

Digital contact with your general practitioner

Do you have a medical issue which is already known by the GP and do you wish contact? You can ask your GP any medical question via an eConsult with the special GP app. Attention! eConsults are not intended for urgent issues. If you have doubts about the seriousness of your issue, please contact the GP by telephone directly.

House call

If you’re not able to come to the practice and would like the dokter to visit you, please call the practice. The doctor’s assistant will discuss your issue with you and will schedule a house call for you if necessary.